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The Best 110 Hand Cannon’s to Get Right Now

When the 9/10/2020 TWAB dropped. It mentioned that sandbox changes are coming to the 110 Hand Cannon archetype. This change can not come fast enough. Currently, 150 Hand Cannon’s are supreme in all activities. Spare Rations, Dire Promise, and Thorn are running the crucible. Any other Hand Cannon can not compete with the time-to-kill. My favorite Hand Cannon’s are Austringer, Old Fashioned, and Ten Paces (Don’t judge me) are in the 140 Archetype. Hopefully, with the sandbox changes coming, they will buff 110 and other archetypes to compete with the 150’s. A few of the 110’s on this list are getting sunset, lowering your options in bringing them to activities that have light level enabled. Here are the best 110 Hand Cannon’s that you can grind for the upcoming sandbox changes in Beyond Light. Disclaimer: They all have a slow reload speed.

Crimil’s Dagger

Crimil's Dagger PVP Stat

The Crimil’s Dagger is the “newest” weapon with a power cap of 1360 and will have you able to take it into modes that other weapons can not. This roll will increase the range and damage output. You can grind this weapon during Iron Banner by completing matches or turning in Iron Banner tokens to Lord Saladin.

True Prophecy

True Prophecy PVP Stat

You may have had this weapon drop in the world loot pool. It is a great 110 Hand Cannon with a small but curated perk pool for PVE and PVP. With a power cap of 1310, this is your best option for a 110 Hand Cannon. This roll increases the range and stability. Having Timed Payload can have you shoot the floor near an enemy and not give them time to recover from low health.

Sunsetting Weapon’s

Loud Lullaby

Loud Lullaby PVP Stat

The sound the Loud Lullaby produces when firing is marvelous. Unfortunately, Loud Lullaby does not come with much perk variety. Under pressure, a perk only viable due to having 8 bullets in the magazine. You can go with the Outlaw perk to get a faster reload but not much else in that column for PVP. Easy ways to grind this weapon is by getting the Essence of Brutality from the Lecturn table. Complete the activities and turn in the bounty.

Warden’s Law

Warden's Law PVP Stat

The Warden’s Law is one of a kind. It is a double fire frame, hard-hitting twin-fire rounds. This is one of my favorite 110 Hand Cannon but it is difficult to grind. It has a chance to drop in the Warden of Nothing Nightfall. Opening Shot and Rangefinder on the highest aim assisted 110 will get you those crits with little effort.

Bad News XF4354

Bad News XF4354 PVP Stat

While Bad News XF4354 does come with a lot of perk variety, I would not suggest grinding for this weapon. It requires you to complete Forges. The chances of dropping a specific weapon are very tiny. On top of everything, the weapon is getting sunset, which will limit you on the modes you can bring this weapon. It does look badass, with the black and red color scheme. I would stay away from this weapon if you do not have one already, but if you already have one, try it out.

Now you know the 5 best 110 Hand Cannon’s for PVP you can grind. Unfortunately, 3 out of the 5 are getting sunset and I hope Beyond Light drops with a lot of weapons. There are a lot of weapon archetypes getting sunset with no news of replacing them.