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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy: First Impressions

It has been almost 2 weeks since Season of the Worthy launched and my take away is… meh. I am a huge fan of Destiny and Bungie but coming from Season of Dawn to Season of the Worthy was not a step in the right direction. It felt more like a step back and to the side. When I mean a step to the side is, that of a public event, which I will get into more later. These are my first impressions.

When first diving into Season of the Worthy you are given a cutscene and the plot of the season. Which was a great cutscene with Zavala and Ana Bray figuring out why the Cabal took out the engine and controls to the Almighty, a huge ship. They realized they are going to kamikaze the ship into Earth. Dope! Ana Bray wants Rasputin to help take out the Almighty.

After the cutscene, we load into the Tower, speak to Zavala, speak to Ana Bray, create some orbs, talk to Rasputin, go to the Bunker, do the public event, back to the Bunker and then you do you. Not much was given to you to learn more about anything. You just really had to take it upon yourself to figure out the rest. I don’t mind figuring things out myself but it does not feel like a story you are entrenched in. I did the event first before heading to the Bunker since the event icon at the Winding Cove caught my eye first. Only to realize I had to go to the bunker and do the event again to progress the quest step.

The meat and potatoes of the PVE content is a suped-up Obelisk with more upgrades to help you in these new activities. The new activities are the Seraph Tower public event, Seraph Bunker and Legendary Lost Sector.

Seraph Bunker

It is a tiny lost sector in the Bunker you have to clear every day to upgrade the Bunker and have access to the Legendary Lost Sector. So far it varies from going left or right and boss. Why? No clue why it needs to be cleared every day and the reasoning it gets overrun by enemies. The good part is that you can easily beat it and get loot. I will recommend getting all the Champion mods since Champions are in each of these new activities.

Seraph Tower

A public event taking place in the Winding Cove(EDZ), The Rupture(IO) and Anchor of Light(Moon). So far the only Bunker active is the one in the EDZ so you are mostly going to find that public event active. Hot take! I do not like public event activities. I do not like Escalation Protocol. I do not like being at the mercy of having to wait around for more people to spawn in to do the event. The activity itself is fine. Stand on the tower plate, do not let any enemies on it and throw the orb to the other orb thingy. I understand why this is not a match made activity because it’s just too simple but I hate having to wait around. Sometimes I spawn in and no one is around. Imagine this is happening when the player population is at its highest. What will happen when all 3 bunkers open AND the population gets lower. Matchmade is the only way to go when getting seasonal loot. During Season of Dawn, I was still getting Sundial runs in during the last few hours. I do not feel this is going to happen with this event.

Legendary Lost Sector

It’s…. okay. It’s just harder enemies in Lost Sectors and an extra chest at the end. My only gripe is. Why isn’t it matchmade? with the option of getting a group? I don’t know why but I can only think that once the player is above delta they can easily solo it. I just want the option.

All these events give you seasonal weapons and armor. Looking at the potential perks for the weapons in they are not impressive at all. There are no new perks for these weapons which I was hoping for or I was hoping for a new weapon archetype similar to Martyr’s Retribution grenade launcher and none are to be seen so far. What is more interesting are the Warmind mods which create an orb when using a Seraph weapon and when destroyed it creates a nuclear explosion. From what I have seen it is very strong in PVE content but I do not see this as something a player would chase. Only the hardcore players would be interested in creating builds around these new mods. This is on top of the “Charged with Light” seasonal mods introduced in Season of Dawn. Its a lot of builds to take in if you are not a “builder” of armor.

Trials is back!. A pinnacle PVP event only on the weekends. I am not into PVP so from a person looking through the glass. The gear looks cool. The weapons look decent. So if you are into PVP this is something everybody has been waiting for, go and show off your skill. I will dive deeper when/if I play Trials.

Season of the Worthy is a wait and see at the moment. We are only 2 weeks in but so far its… meh. It’s not bad but it’s also not good. Since I already have all the Seasons I am just going to reach the season pass to 100 and just play casually as I see fit. This is a huge difference from Season of Dawn since I reached the season pass to 500. This does not mean Destiny is a dead game. It just means Bungie tries new things that do not land properly all the time. I hope they keep trying to innovate.