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Ammit AR2: PVE God Roll

Let’s take a look at PVE God Roll for Ammit AR2, a legendary solar auto rifle released during Season of Plunder. Ammit AR2 is a precision frame with a recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. It has a range of 61 with a damage falloff at ~17.74m Hip / 29.72 ADS. A reload speed of 38 which makes it a reload time at 2.21 seconds. Here are some base stats.

Ammit AR2 Stats
Ammit AR2 Stats

This roll for Ammit AR2 will increase the range, stability, and handling of the weapon. This will also apply scorch to enemies. This roll pairs well with the Solar subclass. Here is the PVE God Roll for Ammit AR2.

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Smallbore increases range by 7 for a total of 68. It also increases stability by 7 for a total of 52.


Flared Magwell. Slightly increases stability by 5 for a total of 57. Increases reload speed by 15 for a total of 53.

Perk 1

Stats for All. Hitting three separate targets increases weapon handling, stability, reload, and range for an improved duration.

Perk 2

Incandescent. Defeating a target spreads a longer lasting scorch to those nearby. More powerful combatants and opposing Guardians cause scorch in a larger radius.

Mod and Masterwork

Range masterwork increases the range by 10 for a total of 78. Backup Mag mod increases magazine size.

Ammit AR2 PVE God Roll Stat
Ammit AR2 PVE God Roll Stat

Now you know the roll for Ammit AR2 for PVE. This is a world drop weapon and you will be able to craft this roll by unlocking the pattern. You can try and focus Umbral engrams for Omolon weapons. Good luck and keep grinding Guardian.