God Rolls PVE Season of the Splicer

PVE God Roll: Compass Rose

Let’s take a look at the PVE God Roll Compass Rose, a legendary solar shotgun released during the 2021 Solstice of Heroes event. Compass Rose is a precision frame shotgun with a recoil pattern that is more predictably vertical. It has 5 in the magazine with a 65 RPM. The weapon design is a typical lightweight frame, like Retrofuturist but, it hits like a truck. Do not be fooled by the weapon design. This roll will help with heavy ammo economy and increase damage when up close to enemies. Here is the PVE God Roll for Compass Rose.

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Corkscrew Rifling is a balanced barrel. It increases stability by 4 for a total of 51. Increases the range by 4 for a total of 70 and increases handling by 4 for a total of 46.


Assault Mag. These magazines are optimized for quick combat. Stability increases by 13 for a total of 65. It increases Rounds Per Minute by 5 for a total of 70 Rounds Per Minute.

Perk 1

Lead From Gold. Picking up heavy ammo also grants ammo to this weapon.

Perk 2

Trench Barrel. After a successful melee hit, this weapon gains increased damage, handling, and reload speed for a short duration or until three shots get fired.

Mod and Masterwork

Handling masterwork increases the range by 9 for a total of 55. Major Spec deals an extra 7% damage against powerful enemies.

Compass Rose PVE God Roll Stat
Compass Rose PVE God Roll Stat

Now you know the roll of Compass Rose for PVE. A great shotgun only available during the 2021 Solstice of Heroes event. You can get this when by opening Solstice packages that you get doing the European Aerial Zone activity. You would need to do regular activities to get keys to open the packages. It is a 3-week event, so take your time and get to grinding Guardian.