God Rolls PVE Season of the Seraph The Witch Queen

PVE God Roll: Fire and Forget

Let’s take a look at the PVE God Roll for Fire and Forget, a power stasis linear fusion rifle released during Season of the Seraph. Fire and Forget is an aggressive frame linear fusion rifle that fires a three-round burst. It has a range of 35 with an impact of 41. It has a reload speed of 22 with a reload time of 2.66 seconds. With 5 in the magazine, it has a recoil of 75 which tends vertical. Here are some base stats.

Fire and Forget - Stats
Fire and Forget – Stats

This roll for Fire and Forget will increase the range and stability of the weapon. This roll is best for dealing damage to stationary bosses or targets with large crit spots. Here is the PVE God Roll for Fire and Forget.


Smallbore increases range by 7 for a total of 42. It also increases stability by 7 for a total of 51.


Enhanced Battery increases the magazine size by 1 for a total of 6.

Perk 1

Field Prep. Increased ammo reserves. Faster reload, stow, and ready when you’re crouching.

Perk 2

Focused Fury. Dealing half of the magazine as precision damage grants this weapon bonus damage for an improved duration. The shot count is reset whenever the weapon is reloaded or stowed.

Mod and Masterwork

Charge Time masterwork decreases the charge time by 33 for a total of 500. It decreases Impact by 3 for a total of 38. Boss Spec for a 7% increase in damage to bosses.

Fire and Forget PVE God Roll Stat
Fire and Forget PVE God Roll Stat

Now you know the roll for Fire and Forget for PVE. You can get this weapon by completing the Heist Battleground activity and upgrading Clovis vendor to target farm weapons. Get to grinding Guardian.