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PVE God Roll: Planck’s Stride

Let’s take a look at the PVE God Roll for Planck’s Stride, a power arc machine gun released during Season of Plunder. Planck’s Stride is a Rapid-Fire Frame with deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when magazine is empty. This machine gun has a range of 26 with an impact of 25. It has a reload time of 4.9 seconds and a magazine size of 75. Here is the full stat list.

Planck's Stride Stats
Planck’s Stride Stats

This PVE roll for Planck’s Stride will increase stability, handling and reload when moving. It will also increase the damage when hitting multiple targets. Here is the PVE God Roll for Planck’s Stride.


Extended Barrel is a weighty barrel extension. It increases the range by 10 for a total of 36. Moderately controls recoil by 10 for a total of 66. Extended Barrel does decrease handling by 10 for a total of 37.


Flared Magwell. Slightly increases stability by 5 for a total of 38. Increases reload speed by 15 for a total of 72.

Perk 1

Perpetual Motion. This weapon gains bonus stability, handling, and reload speed while the wielder is in motion.

Perk 2

One For All. Hitting three separate targets increases the damage for a moderate duration.

Mod and Masterwork

Range masterwork increases the range by 10 for a total of 46. Major Spec deals an extra 7% damage against powerful enemies.

Planck's Stride PVE God Roll Stat
Planck’s Stride PVE God Roll Stat

Now you know the roll for Planck’s Stride for PVE. You can get this weapon by completing the new activities in Season of Plunder. Get to grinding Guardian.