God Rolls PVE Season of the Worthy

PVE God Roll: Seventh Seraph SI-2

Let’s take a look at the God Roll for the legendary void energy sidearm called Seventh Seraph SI-2 introduced in Season of the Worthy. The SI-2 is a lightweight frame making you move faster when this weapon is equipped. This sidearm is comparable to the Anonymous Autumn but Void affinity. The sound the Seventh Seraph SI-2 makes is meatier than any other sidearm and the God Roll will make it act the way it sounds. Unfortunately, this weapon will not blow your socks off. I am just going to vault the weapon when I get a good roll for PVE and PVP. This roll will get you your grenade faster and clear groups of enemies. Let’s take a look at the PVE god roll for the Seventh Seraph SI-2.

Seventh Seraph SI-2 Stat


Corkscrew Rifling adds +5 to stability from the base stat of 42 making a total of 47. Range gets a +4 making total of 28. Handling gets +5 making the total 74.


Accurized Rounds adds +8 to the range. The most well-known magazine for range.

Perk 1

Demolitionist. Kills with this weapon generate grenade energy. Activating your grenade ability reloads the weapon from reserves. A great perk to keep spamming grenades in PVE content.

Perk 2

Dragonfly. Precision kills create an elemental damage explosion. A great perk for clearing groups of ads.

Mod and Masterwork

Range masterwork for increased… range. Dragonfly Spec mod for a larger explosion to get those guarantee groups cleared.

Now you know the roll for Seventh Seraph SI-2 for PVE. Clear groups of enemies and get your grenade faster with this synergistic perks. Let’s not forget it can also spawn Warmind Cells. Get to grinding Guardian.