God Rolls PVE The Witch Queen

PVE God Roll for Tarnation

Let’s take a look at the PVE God Roll Tarnation, a power arc grenade launcher released during The Witch Queen. Tarnation is a rapid-fire frame with deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when magazine is empty. Rapid-fire frame grenade launchers tend to have a low blast radius and fast velocity. This grenade launcher has a reload speed of 32 with a time of 3.64s. It has 5 in the magazine. This roll will increase magazine size and make enemies explode further. Here is the PVE God Roll for Tarnation.

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Linear Compensator. This weapon’s launch barrel is well-balanced. Increases stability by 4 for a total of 35. Increases velocity by 4 for a total of 62. It also increases blast radius by 3 for a total of 18.


Spike Grenades. Grenades fired from this weapon do increased damage on direct hits. Stability increases by 9 for a total of 44.

Perk 1

Clown Cartridge. Reloading this weapon randomly overfills it from reserves.

Perk 2

Chain Reaction. Each final blow with this weapon creates an elemental damage explosion.

Mod and Masterwork

Blast Radius masterwork increases the blast radius by 7 for a total of 22. Boss Spec for a 7% increase in damage to bosses.

Tarnation PVE God Roll Stat
Tarnation PVE God Roll Stat

Now you know the roll for Tarnation for PVE. You can get this weapon by completing Wellspring boss Vezuul, Lightflayer, completing The Witch Queen campaign or Throne World farming. Get to grinding Guardian.


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