God Rolls PVE Season of Arrivals

PVE God Roll: Whispering Slab

Let’s take a look at the PVE God Roll for the kinetic combat bow, Whispering Slab. Whispering Slab introduced during Season of Arrivals aims to replace those bows that will be sunset when Beyond Light hits. While I am not a fan of bows but these new weapons introduced in Season of Arrivals have perks with utility. Is Whispering Slab going to be my go-to bow? No. Trinity Ghoul with the new catalyst should be the only bow you use. While I was watching CoolGuy’s video explaining the new perks. He came up with a way to use one of the new perks, which is the inspiration for this God Roll. I linked his video and here is Coolguy’s Twitter, give him a follow. This will not be your every activity weapon but it does have potential. Let’s take a look at the PVE God Roll for Whispering Slab below.

Whispering Slab Stat


Polymer String increases accuracy by 5. Slightly faster draw time from 612 down to 576.


Fiber Arrow Shaft greatly increases accuracy but decreases stability by 5.

Perk 1

Archer’s Tempo. Draw time decreases after every precision hit.

Perk 2

Sympathetic Arsenal. Reloading after a final blow also reloads stowed weapons. This is a great utility perk because it acts like the auto-reloading holster perk for your other weapons. Since bows reload rather quickly this will be useful.

Mod and Masterwork

Accuracy masterwork will increase the chances of precision hits. Major Spec increases damage to powerful enemies. With the buff to arrows during Season of Arrivals, you can normally one-shot red bar enemies.

Now you know the roll for Whispering Slab for PVE. This is a utility weapon. It will help keep your other weapons ready to use. You can use other weapons without needing a reload perk. Switch it out for Field Prep or something else more useful. Get to grinding Guardian.