God Rolls PVP Season of the Seraph The Witch Queen

PVP God Roll: Aurvandil FR6

Let’s take a look at the PVP God Roll for Aurvandil FR6, a legendary stasis fusion rifle released during Season of the Seraph in The Witch Queen. Aurvandil FR6 is a high-impact frame. A slow firing and high damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary, moving slowly, and aiming down sights. It has a range of 47 with a damage falloff ~12.08m Hip / 15.71 ADS. It also has an impact of 95 with a reload time of 2.69 seconds. Here are some base stats.

Aurvandil FR6 - Stats
Aurvandil FR6 – Stats

This roll for Aurvandil FR6 will increase the range and stability of the weapon. This roll will be best paired with Arc or Stasis subclass to further increase other stats. Here is the PVP God Roll for Aurvandil FR6.


Fluted Barrel is a ultra-light barrel. It greatly increases the handling by 15 for a total of 33. It also increases stability by 5 for a total of 29.


Particle Repeater. Constrains recoil for every bolt. It increases stability by 10 for a total of 39.

Perk 1

Firmly Planted. Increased accuracy, stability, and handling when firing while crouched.

Perk 2

Elemental Capacitor. Increased stats based on the currently equipped subclass. Solar increases your reload speed. Arc increases handling. Void increases stability. Stasis moderately controls recoil and increases movement speed when aiming down sights.

Mod and Masterwork

Range masterwork increases the range by 10 for a total of 57. Counterbalance Stock reduces recoil deviation by 15 for a total of 82.

Aurvandil FR6 PVP God Roll Stat
Aurvandil FR6 PVP God Roll Stat

Now you know the roll for Aurvandil FR6 for PVP. This weapon is a world drop. The best way to farm these weapons is to dump your gunsmith material to Banshee or you can focus Umbral engrams to Omolon weapons. You can follow me on twitter @knowtheroll and as always get to grinding Guardian.