God Rolls PVP Season of the Risen

PVP God Roll: Frontier’s Cry

Let’s take a look at the PVP God Roll for Frontier’s Cry, a new Iron Banner solar hand cannon released during Season of the Risen in The Witch Queen. Frontier’s Cry is a precision frame with where the recoil pattern on this weapon is more predictably vertical. Fires quickly with high accuracy. It has an impact of 78 and the range of 48 with a damage falloff at ~20.61m Hip / 28.34 ADS. The reload speed is a 52 with a time of 2.92s. This is a 180 RPM weapon with 13 in the magazine. This roll will increase the range and accuracy of the weapon. This is the PVP God Roll for Frontier’s Cry.


Smallbore increases range by 6 for a total of 54. It also increases stability by 6 for a total of 69.


Steady Rounds. This magazine is optimized for recoil control. Stability increases by 14 for a total of 83. Steady Rounds decreases the range by 4 for a total of 50.

Perk 1

Tunnel Vision. Reloading after defeating a target greatly increases target acquisition and aim down sight speed for a short duration.

Perk 2

Iron Reach. Massively improves weapon range by 18 for a total of 68 at the cost of weapon stability. The stability is decreased by 27 for a total of 56.

Mod and Masterwork

Range masterwork increases the range by 9 for a total of 77. Quick Access Sling. Swap weapons much faster for a short duration.

Frontier's Cry PVP God Roll Stat
Frontier’s Cry PVP God Roll Stat

Now you know the roll for Frontier’s Cry for PVP. You can get this weapon by turning in packages to Lord Saladin when Iron Banner is in rotation. Grab the bounties and the quest and complete them for a higher chance. I received this weapon by holding onto the Iron Banner bounties from last season and it does not excite me. Please buff 180’s. Get to grinding Iron Banner Guardian.


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