God Rolls PVP Season of the Seraph The Witch Queen

PVP God Roll: Hung Jury SR4

Let’s take a look at the PVP God Roll for Hung Jury SR4, a kinetic scout rifle released during Season of the Seraph in The Witch Queen. Hung Jury SR4 is a precision frame scout rifle where this weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. The base range is a 49 with a damage falloff ~38.34m Hip / 83.40 ADS. It has a stability of 55 and a recoil of 75 which tends vertical. Here are some base stats.

Hung Jury SR4 - Stats
Hung Jury SR4 – Stats

This roll for Hung Jury SR4 will drastically increase the range and stability of the weapon. It will help movement speed and reduces flinch. Here is the PVP God Roll for Hung Jury SR4.

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Smallbore increases range by 7 for a total of 56. It also increases stability by 7 for a total of 62.


Accurized Rounds increases the range by 10 for a total of 66.

Perk 1

Moving Target. Increased movement speed and target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights.

Perk 2

Box Breathing. Aiming this weapon for a short period without firing grants bonus range and precision damage that resets after firing or exiting zoom.

Mod and Masterwork

Range masterwork increases the range by 10 for a total of 76. Sprint Grip temporarily increases the weapon’s ready speed and aim down sights speed after sprinting.

Now you know the roll for Hung Jury SR4 for PVP. You can get this weapon by completing Nightfall’s on the week it drops so check TodayInDestiny to see the current weapon drop. Add the prosperity perk on your ghost to increase legendary drops when completing matches to increase your chances of this weapon dropping. Get to grinding Guardian.