God Rolls PVP Season of the Lost

PVP God Roll: Reed’s Regret

Let’s take a look at the PVP God Roll for Reed’s Regret. A legendary stasis power linear fusion rifle from Trials of Osiris, released during Season of the Lost. Reed’s Regret is a precision frame that fires a long-range precision energy bolt. This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. It has a charge time of 533 with 6 in the magazine. The recoil direction is a 76 which tends right. This roll will increase the range and create stasis crystals on precision final blows. Here is the PVP God Roll for Reed’s Regret


Arrowhead Brake. Lightly vented barrel. It increases handling by 9 for a total of 47. It also increases recoil direction by 24 for a total of 100. This barrel will make the recoil pattern more vertically stable.


Projection Fuse. Distance Optimizations. It increases the range by 10 for a total of 60.

Perk 1

Surplus. Increases handling, reload speed, and stability for each fully charged ability.

Perk 2

Headstone. Precision final blows spawn a Stasis crystal at the victim’s location.

Mod and Masterwork

Charge Time masterwork decreases the charge time by 33 for a total of 500. It decreases Impact by 3 for a total of 38. Targeting Adjuster for increasing aim assist by 5 for a total of 71.

Reeds Regret PVP God Roll Stat
Reeds Regret PVP God Roll Stat

Now you know the roll for Reed’s Regret for PVP. You can get this weapon by competing matches Trials of Osiris matches on the weekends. Grab a team and get yourself a couple of wins or go solo since they have now opened the Trials to solo players. You can follow me on Twitter @knowtheroll and as always get to grinding Guardian.


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