God Rolls PVP Season of the Worthy

PVP God Roll: Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver

Let’s take a look at the PVP God Roll for the Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver. This kinetic Hand Cannon is a 180 RPM precision frame, introduced in Season of the Worthy. I know 180 RPM hand cannons are not in a good place in Destiny right now but if they do buff these archetype’s it can be a solid option. This weapon is very similar to the Service Revolver from the Vanguard. The name and stats are nearly identical except for the perks it can roll with. The perks are the downfall for the SS Officer Revolver compared to the Service Revolver perk combination. The Service Revolver perks complement each other while the SS Officer Revolver perks are an upgrade but they lack cohesion in the PVP arena.

Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver PVP Stat


Smallbore. Adds +6 stability for a total of 63 and +7 to range for a total of 42.


Accurized Rounds. Adds +9 to the range for a total of 51. I want to push range because it helps with damage fall off.

Perk 1

Firmly Planted. This is where the perk combination falls through. There is not a good option in the first perk column the SS Officer Revolver can roll with for PVP. The best option would be Firmly Planted. I am not a fan of crouching in Destiny but its better than Pulse Monitor or Underdog.

Perk 2

Timed Payload. Projectiles attached to the enemies explode after a short delay.

Mod and Masterwork

Stability masterwork and Target Adjuster mod. A great combination of steady precise hits.

Now you know the roll for Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver for PVP. Not a fan of this weapon but hopefully the archetype gets buffed in the future so it can be a viable option when the time comes. The best place to grind these weapons is in the Legendary Lost Sectors or the Seraph Tower Event. Get to grinding Guardians.