God Rolls PVP Season of the Worthy

PVP God Roll: Seventh Seraph SI-2

Let’s take a look at the PVP God Roll for Seventh Seraph SI-2. The Seventh Seraph SI-2 is a void, legendary sidearm. The SI-2 is a lightweight frame that makes you move faster when the weapon is equipped. It is comparable to the Anonymous Autumn but with Void affinity. This weapon has a lot of options for PVP it can roll with Hip-Fire Grip, Vorpal Weapon, Snapshot, Zen Moment, Elemental Capacitor, and others to name a few. I want the PVP roll to make the weapon feel snappy and land a lot of shots as quickly as possible. Let’s get into the PVP God Roll.

Seventh Seraph SI-2 PVP Stat


Fluted Barrel adds plus 5 to stability making stability at 47. It also adds plus 14 to handling to increase the readiness of the weapon. Handling lands at 83.


Accurized Rounds increases range by 10. It places range at 32.

Perk 1

Full Auto Trigger System. Holding down the trigger will fire this weapon at full auto. This perk is not liked by the PC community but popular in the console community. I like full auto on most of my weapons if it does not take up a stronger perk in the column.

Perk 2

Snapshot Sights. Faster aim down sights makes the weapon feel snappy.

Mod and Masterwork

Range masterwork adding 8 to the range making it land on 42. Targeting Adjuster adds plus 5 to aim assistance.

Now you know the roll for Seventh Seraph SI-2 for PVP. I like this weapon but it just blends to all the other sidearms. You probably already have a PVP God Roll of the Anonymous Autumn. The only reason to go for this weapon will be the increased time it has before it gets sunset. Get to grinding Guardian.